Written by Andréanne Hétuon June 16, 2016
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Recently, the Ariad Health team attended an inspiring conference: The Future of Health and Medicine: Where can Technology take us?  Hosted by Dr. Daniel Kraft, a Doctor, Scientist and Innovator, he shared his vision of the future. It was no surprise to see digital health at the center of his inspiration!

Healthcare is becoming faster, smaller, cheaper, and better.

  1. It’s surpassing the capacity of the human mind to think. We can have HD images of the brain
  2. It’s providing portable access to diagnostic tools.
  3. It’s granting broader access to outstanding machinery for precise diagnosis
  4. It’s enabling the collection of not just data, but real, tangible intelligence through AI and machine learning, allowing the system to move from reactive to proactive.

Skeptical?  See it for yourself!

Patients are starting to take the driver’s seat of their own health. Innovation in app technology means we can now track health markers like sleep, heart rate and respiration,  and even facilitate urine and blood analysis from our homes.  Not only will we become more autonomous, we’ll be able to share this data directly with our HCPs, shortening the PatientConsumer™ Journey.

HCPs are also connecting each other to debate and share complex cases – check out https://www.crowdmed.com/. Technology will be used to further augment existing tests for better diagnosis of specific diseases (i.e. blood flow imaging solutions that build off of MRIs).

How can pharma adjust to this exponential growth?

  1. Go digital. For real.
  2. Think beyond the pill, or injection, or device.
  3. Develop tools that contribute to shortening the PatientConsumer™ Journey
  4. Gather data, learn from it and react fast. Do it again, faster.

By Andréanne Hétu, Chris Marrone and Cheryl Ho

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