Keeping patients engaged and loyal in a low-involvement, highly competitive category

The blood glucose-monitoring category had digressed into one that was heavily undifferentiated and overly commoditized. Low patient loyalty had become the norm, pushing manufacturers to enter into a very expensive, low return battle for new patients.

The Challenge

While our client placed a significant number of blood glucose meters with new patients, over a third of them were lost each year. Using the PatientConsumer™ framework, we set out to help diagnose the root cause of the issue, and help our client resolve their retention challenge.

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Persona work revealed that we had not one, but three distinct PatientConsumer™ profiles to consider:

Patients living with Type 1, patients living with Type 2, and pediatric patients.

Each possessed different attitudes toward the disease, had a wide range of management behaviors, and varying support networks to consider.

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Journey mapping reinforced our conclusions from profile development, and underpinned the importance of understanding the journey stage – from newly diagnosed to experienced.

Workshops uncovered areas for our client to step up.

They needed real-time support from the start. The first 30 days is a critical period for a newly diagnosed patient, when they are most scared and overwhelmed. Effective product onboarding, as well as a sound understanding of the condition, needed to happen in this window in order to establish trust.

They expected personalized, “real life” support. Customer service could help solve product issues, but not the day-to-day challenges of managing the disease. Online forums covered the ‘basics’, but avoided more personal discussions around dealing with “everyday” changes: handling new relationships, managing at work, navigating security when travelling, and more. They needed a resource to help them navigate the tough stuff.

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Insights from profiles and journeys forced a tough conversation around where to focus investment.


Stop investing so heavily at the top of the funnel. With churn rates growing annually, it was becoming a less efficient area to spend.


Start investing in the middle of the funnel, especially at the critical onboarding stage, to boost retention and compliance.


Change which channels offer what support. Customer Service provided a great resource for meter specific issues, but not real life issues. They needed to go online.

The Solution

Our client needed to think – and talk – beyond the device. To complement their products, we launched an online patient support program that delivered personalized advice and helpful tips from Day One. By going beyond the device, we helped our client become a trusted partner of the PatientConsumer™, driving stronger brand loyalty and retention rates along the way.